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Christmas / Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Olmsted Coffee Company is thrilled and honored to introduce this years collaborating Artisan for our 1st Christmas/Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

-Jaclyn A.   Artisan Chocolate -

Located in the heart of Buffalo's Theater District Jaclyn A. is the quintessential luxury of craft chocolates.  Who doesn't LOVE chocolate especially chocolate's creatively crafted of spicy, sweet, boozy, salty and even Olmsted Coffee's  Costa Rican Dark Roast Chocolate bite!!!  Had it and it is a mouthful of joyous memorable bliss!  All Artisan Chocolate's are  custom made, luxuriously pure and rich as Chocolate comes.

Just like Facebook - Jaclyn A. Artisan Chocolate Wine Lounge.

About Us

Dedicated to Quality


Artisan coffees are created when the grower is willing to take the extra steps to ensure the best results, and the roaster pays a premium price necessary to ensure the taste is superior. We pride ourselves in providing Buffalo Artisan Roasted Coffees. Artisan roasting is the marriage of sense and sensibility. Our process for roasting includes the science of controlling the roasting medium via our unique Artisan roaster. We have acquired the knowledge “Of The Roast” over the last 2 years through dedicated refining of the roasting and burr grinding process to ensure the consistency in quality prior to its distribution.

Buffalo’s Olmsted Park System


Buffalo’s Olmsted park system includes six parks, seven parkways, eight landscaped circles and several smaller spaces, extending throughout the city of Buffalo, from North and South Buffalo all the way to the waterfront. It includes the parks, parkways and circles within the Cazenovia Park–South Park System and Delaware Park–Front Park System.

Frederick Law Olmsted’s map of Buffalo’s park system. Olmsted proclaimed Buffalo to be “the best planned city … in the United States, if not the world.” By Frederick Law Olmsted [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The six Olmsted parks include:

  • Cazenovia Park
  • Delaware Park (North Buffalo)
  • Front Park
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
  • Riverside Park
  • South Park

Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the completion of the restored Frank Lloyd Wright-designed landscape on the estate of the Darwin D. Martin House, the final component of the overall restoration effort that has spanned more than two decades and received more than $50 million in investments in the National Historic Landmark and New York State Historic Site. The Martin House received $24 million in total funding from New York State beginning in 1993, and Governor Cuomo closed the gap with a $5 million commitment. Those final funds were used primarily to rehabilitate the historic landscape, preserve the Barton House (1903) - the secondary residence on the estate - and complete the restoration of the second floor of the Martin House. "The Darwin Martin House is one of Western New York's most iconic attractions," said Governor Cuomo. "The restoration of the historic landscape is an outstanding addition to this important piece of Buffalo's growing architectural tourism industry." 

~Courtesy of  http://www.martinhouse.org/ 

Our Beans


Costa Rica Tarrazu Don Roberto

The pure air and crystal clear waters of Tarrazu are what made Roberto Montero Castro fall in love with the slopes of San Marcos de Tarrazu. Given that the Rojas family had no immediate descendants, they sold their farm and mill to this visionary. Completely dedicated to this passion, Montero actually offered assistance in farming techniques and consultative services to the peasant farmers of Tarrazu.

Blessed with just the right amount of tropical acidity, the soil of Tarrazu produces a coffee of tremendously unique quality. On these soils Don Roberto Tarrazu was born, grown at no less than 4200 feet with brilliant acidity, a full body and rich aroma.

Olmsted Coffee Company Costa Rica

Costa Rica La Pastora Tarrazu

Tarrazu is probably the most famous coffee region of central Costa Rica. The hub of the growing region for the La Pastora quality is the mountainous Tarrazú canton in the San José province. The Pirris river nearby provides water to the highland region, making it perfect for coffee production and other types of agriculture. The mountains are part of the Talamanca Sierra, which runs through Costa Rica and Panama.

La Pastora is one of the classic qualities of COOPETARRAZU. Production for this regional selection takes place at farms between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level. Hence, the quality is strictly hard bean or SHB. Predominant varieties in the region are Caturra and Catuai. The washed coffee is selected and screened following the European preparation – briefly: EP – quality standard. This standard allows for 4 secondary defect equivalents and no primary defects.

Olmsted Coffee Company Sumatra

Sumatra Mandheling

Coffee from the Mandheling region of Sumatra is known for one very specific feature: the wet-hulled process or gilling basah. This process is only used in Indonesia. This is mostly because the relative humidity in the air is too high to actually dry the beans enough before hulling them. The wet-hulled process starts with a normal pulping step to take off the cherry skin. Next, the beans go into fermentation tanks with most of the mucilage layer still intact on the parchment. The beans dry ferment overnight in their own pulp. The following day, they go through a washing process. After that, the parchment dries for a short time until it reaches 25 to 30% moisture. Producers can sell their coffee as wet parchment or as partially dried parchment to buying centres. These will hull the coffee already at the high moisture level to be able to dry the beans faster.


Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga is the capital city of the department of Santander, in north-central Colombia. It has the fifth-largest economy in Colombia and more than 160 parks, earning it the nicknames “La Ciudad de Los Parques” and “La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia” (The City of Parks, and Colombia’s Beautiful City).

Café de Santander, it was established, particularly benefits from more technologically advanced shading practices, homogenous temperatures that promote the accumulation of sugars in the bean and concentrated harvests, as well as good soil characteristics. Together, these are said to produce a cup with a clean, balanced body, medium acidity, sweet fragrance, and sweet, fruity and light-citrus notes.


Costa Rica Decaf

We’ve chosen to blend coffees from 2 different regions – Tarrazu (rich body, nice deep acidity) and Valle Central (moderate body & acidity, sweet and clean) for Harmony.

Tarrazú presents an ideal location for growing Arabica coffee beans. The region is known for producing coffees that have distinctly acidic qualities, mainly due to the sedimentary soil composition that characterize the land. Spanning altitudes from 1,200 to 1,900 meters, the majority of plantations are shaded with a mix of foreign and native trees.

Generally speaking, Central Valley cherries produce a very well balanced cup, in which the consumer can identify chocolaty and fruity tastes, as well as the smell of honey, among others.

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